[TRANS] SeungRi UFO Replies (9 Oct)

15 10 2009

Fan: Seungri~~ Come to noona~~~
Seungri: Where are you? I’m coming

Fan: Seungri, what do you eat everynight. I eat instant noodles everynight at home. ㅠ.ㅠ
Seungri: I normally eat lesser at night

Fan: Seungri-ah, today is mid-autumn festival, I want to celebrate it with you! Hehe
Seungri: Keke, come here

Fan: Seungri-ah~ I dreamt of you again last night! What should I do? When are you coming to China?! Will you die if you let me see you once?! If not, wait for my exams to be over and I’ll fly to Korea to see you! Keke! Miss you!
Seungri: You saw me in your dreams? ^^

Fan: Seungri-ah! Can you tell me your phone number? Can I call you to chat? Does Jiyong-ge have a girlfriend? Speak the truth!
Seungri: It’s a secret

Fan: How do I stop a heart which is missing you? Say that you miss me too!
Seungri: Keke, send me your picture

Fan: Seungri-ah… Your eye expression is POISON… I LUV UR POISONOUS LIPS… kekeke. chu^33333^ * (T/N: words in caps are in english, non-edited)
Seungri: Keke, wa, POISON?

Source: ufotown.com.cn
Translated by: bitchandbimbo@lj




3 responses

15 10 2009

Seungri: Keke, send me your picture…

Lol sounded so pervert-ish! XD

16 10 2009

ahahaa… i don’t believe that this is for real SeungRi xDxDxD But it’s funny xD

17 10 2009

OMG I think i’d die if Seungri replied to me! “Come here” Waaaah *fangirls*
Seungri always has the best ufo replies lol ❤

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