[NEWS] Kim TaeWoo’s Honest Confession “Oh, Nicole… You Drive Me Crazy”

15 10 2009

Coming back with his solo album ‘T-Virus’, the national group g.o.d’s vocalist Kim Tae Woo showed his affection for Kara’s Nicole. On the 14th’s broadcast of ‘Golden

Fishery- Radio Star’, Kim Tae Woo and even including Clazzyquai’s Alex and Tei showed up as guests for their ‘Honey voices for the ladies’ special.

Realizing the wave of girl groups, MC Shin JungHwan asked, “Which of the younger female singers makes you the happiest?”. The juniors that Kim Tae Woo pointed out were none other than Kara. Kim Tae Woo said “Whenever Kara does the butt dance, I think it makes me crazy” he answered honestly.

Between the members, the one that shook his heart the most was Nicole. Kim Tae Woo complimented Nicole’s female-like body, and evaluated her charms very highly.

Afterwards, Kim Tae Woo chose rookie group f(x) and SNSD as 2nd and 1st places. Kim Tae Woo already let his love for SNSD very well known. He stated “SNSD brought to life my army days”, and brought much interest.

Meanwhile, Kim Tae Woo is being called ‘Bear fatale’ as a parody of ‘Homme Fatale’ for taking pride in being friendly with many idol members.

Korean source
KARAholic source
Translations: thebuddybud @ karaholic




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