[NEWS] Drama “Heading To The Ground” Is Cut Short

15 10 2009

There are the dramas that the people just seem to love, and there are some just don’t get enough attention. When “IRIS” was aired on October 14th, the ratings showed success when it had reached the 20% mark. Also, “You’re Beautiful,” the SBS drama is doing very well in the standings as well. Here is the bad news. Unfortunately, the drama “Heading to the Ground” will be cut.

“Heading to the Ground” will be ending without fulfilling the 20 episodes that they were going to air. A person acquainted with the drama  had stated through the phone that the after project of the drama “Heading to the Ground,” “Hero” will be airing on November 11th. The acquaintance stated, “The drama naturally ended up being cut,” and added “We are wondering whether to end with episode 18 on November 5th or end up ending the drama much faster near the end of October and making another program fill in for a week.”

Because new drama airing on the 11th, from the 18th, the drama “Heading to the Ground” ended up facing the cut. Even though it had been the debut start for DBSK’s U-Know YunHo, and the appearance with Ara, and Lee YoonJi, it just didn’t get the attention from the viewers.

Meanwhile, the drama “Hero” starring Lee JunKi and Kim MinJung will be about people who don’t have alot, but brought together by their ego and their pride. This drama is supposed to portray the strong bonds and also give the viewers alot of laughs.

Source: Sookyeong




One response

15 10 2009

omg!! What can I say about this..this really out of my mind..honestly, I really pity for him more than the drama itself..Yunho oppa is now being hospitalized..but, I think in this condition, SM will say something that really not good to heard..Oppa!!Don’t be sad..I hope his members will accompany him..

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