[NEWS] T-ara Qri and HyoMin Get Uljjang Boyfriends on Mnet Scandal

14 10 2009

T-ara members Qri and HyoMin have gotten themselves uljjang boyfriends.

Qri’s date with her made-believe boyfriend will be revealed through ‘Mnet Scandal’. Her boyfriend will be Park TaeJoon, who has appeared on SBS Star King as part of the Boys Over Flowers special edition as the lookalike to F4 Yoon JiHoo.

Park TaeJoon is a well known uljjang on the internet, attracting over 2000 views on his minihompy daily.

On Mnet Scandal aired on 14th October, Qri-Park TaeJoon couple was seen going on a double date with T-ara HyoMin and her made-believe boyfriend.

Meanwhile, during the show, Qri was asked, “Have you been chased by any male entertainers before” and she answered, “Not after my debut” and many netizens are taking hints that she may have been chased by male entertainers before her debut.

The episode will be aired at 11pm.

Source: Sookyeong




2 responses

12 11 2009

i think Q-ri looks like Lee Da Hae
and Jiyeon looks like Kim Tae Hee

30 11 2009

do you know were i can watch the ep but with eng subs?

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