[NEWS] Girl Groups’ Competition, Businesses Collide With Rival CFs ‘Dream Team VS SNSD F(X)’

14 10 2009

A CF rival compeition is happening. The overflowing girl groups in the Korean music industry will now make their mark in the CF industry. Dream Team, members from KARA, Brown Eyed Girls’, 4minute, and Afterschool, and SNSD-F(X) will rival against each other in CFs. Especially the CF companies which are LG and Samsung, have been rivals since the beginning so this confrontation will be especially interesting.

Afterschool’s UEE, BEG’s Gain, KARA’s Han Seungyeon, and 4minute’s Hyuna have been named the super group that released their title song ‘Tomorrow’, which the music video was released on the 12th of October.

Samsung’s campaign used Hyuna, Seungyeon, Gain, and UEE to give hope and dreams to the young people and also, through the music video, they had prepared a concert for the young people to convey the message that they should be excited for tomorrow. Also in the music video, the Dream Team came down from the sky in large container ships where they came out from. This particular music video had piqued interest and speculation amongst netizens.

An official of the campaign website for Dream Team had said, “the site’s visitors are expanding a lot. Not only are the music video and song in the website but screensavers, pictures, wallpapers etc. where visitors may download items.”

The campaign is has the appearance of weakness in the lead actor, Lee Dong-Gun and the music video shows the appearances and information of the story of ‘Tomrorow’. ‘Tomorrow’ campaign plans to give hopes and dreams to young people and Samsung campaign will progress from October 12 to December 13.

‘SM sisters ‘SNSD’ and ‘F(X)’ have had the new chocolate phone songs released on the 10th of October. The Chocolate Love gives the nation’s girl group, SNSD, a fascinating pure image whereas it gives F(X) a trendy and sexy side. The two groups’ different charms have caught the attention of the public. On October 15th in Club Volume, Itaewon, Seoul, SNSD and F(X) will have a showcase for the Chocolate Phone. There will only be 100 visitors for this special event and in the cyon website for LG Electronics, visitors may apply for the showcase visit.

LG Electronics Vice President, Jo Sung-Ha stated, “The new Chocolate Phone Black Label series has marvelous designs and technology that can be known as LG’s pride. Also there are many expectations for the ‘Chocolate Love’ by SNSD and F(X) to surpass that of Big Bang and 2NE1’s ‘Lollipop’.

Source: Newsen
Translations: sweetbuttermilk




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14 10 2009

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