[NEWS] T-ara Wins on Cyworld Digital Music Awards for 2nd Consecutive Time

13 10 2009

T-ara has won a Cyworld digital music award (DMA) for the 2nd consecutive time.

T-ara has won an award at DMA for the first time with their debut song ‘Lie’ and then for this month, they won again with the song ‘TTL’ a project with Supernova.

For the 38th DMA, which is for the month of August, T-ara won the ‘Rookie of the Month’ with their debut song ‘Lie’ and the for the 39th DMA, they won ‘ting’s Choice Artist’ award for the song ‘TTL’ together with Supernova. ‘ting’s Choice Artist’ is based on the Cyworld background music chart.

‘TTL’ is not only doing well up on Cyworld music chart, it is also doing well on other music charts like on Mnet, Melon, Bugs etc. The project group recently released ‘TTL Listen 2’ and will be expected to gain much love with the new version of the song.

Source: Sookyeong




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