[NEWS] SNSD SeoHyun – Yuri, Holding Hands ‘Please Take A Pretty Picture Of Us’

13 10 2009

Yuri – Seohyun, with similar bright smiles ‘We became models’

SNSD Yuri ‘Did the photo turn out well?’

SNSD Sooyoung ‘It’s so cold! Being a model is tiring’

SNSD Sooyoung, Seohyun and Yuri has turned into ‘Photographer’ models.

On October 11th Sooyoung, Seohyun and Yuri went to record for QTV’s Photographer Audition Survival program ‘Photographer’ as models.

The photo-shoot ‘Dreaming Water’, is a joint campaign from UNICEF and Cosmopolitan to promote the preservation of a clean environment and water.

On that day’s recording, SNSD members were picked as winners among other celebrities such as Jang Wonseok, Choi Sejoong, Lee Seunghee and Im Jaewook.

Winning with their confident photos, SNSD will appear on the one of the best female style magazines, ‘Cosmopolitan’. Moreover, they won 10 million won in prize money plus a full set of Canon Cameras and the privilege of opening the photo exhibition, too.

The photo-shoot and it’s filming process, graced by SNSD’s refreshing and lively smiles, will be shown on October 29th at midnight.

Source: NewsEn
Translations: cph@soshified




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