[NEWS] F(X) Chosen as the Models for K-SWISS

12 10 2009

f(x) who is emerging as the next hot icons of Asia, will be the face of global premium sports brand K-SWISS.

A month after their debut, f(x) has been chosen as the exclusive models for a cell phone brand and K-SWISS. As soon as they debuted, f(x) has been receiving love calls for many CFs due to their popularity.

A representative from K-SWISS explained they chose f(x) as their models because, “f(x) has already established themselves among the girl groups with their strong performances and multinational members, so we have selected them as our model because we believe that K-SWISS’ active and global image matches well with the group.” Also “With the diverse talents and character each member possesses, we anticipate the great vitality that will stir up in the brand with each member’s charms.

It is said that they will proceed with various projects in which they will bring out f(x)’s image, through the clothes and accessories which will be a part of the ‘f(x) line’.

f(x) will officially start their activities as the K-SWISS models through a winter season magazine advertisement photo shoot. The magazine advertisement in which f(x) will emerge as the models, is expected to be revealed in November.

Also through a magazine photo shoot and commercial, they were recognized as having the ability to absorb themselves with a high standard model’s pose and costume. So we anticipate on seeing f(x)’s more stylish side through the coming winter season photo shoot for K-SWISS.

Source: Newsen
Translations: kellykim10 @ affxtion forums




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13 10 2009


13 10 2009

Wow. Besides successful girl group 2ne1, I see F(x) selling like hot cakes too. Wish them all the best! XD

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