[TRANS] UFO Message No. 16: TaeYang Dreams a Dream Once in a While

11 10 2009

You know, in the movies or on TV, you often see the hero propose to the woman he loves by singing a romantic song while playing the piano. I thought it was so romantic and apparently that’s the way many women dream of being proposed to. I, too, dream of such a romantic proposal. Of course, I would be the one who does the proposing. I want to be the guy who plays the piano and sings a romantic song to confess his love. Well, I haven’t had a chance to do that yet but am pretty sure that I will have my chance someday. I practice both piano and singing pretty hard just in case that moment comes sooner than later. I should be able to propose in the most perfect way by then. Besides, if I stood in front of a woman I truly love, I would be extremely nervous but could really sing straight from my heart. Would I be able to win her heart? That would be THE most nerve-wracking performance of my life – I have jitters already. Wow, I may need a pill or something to calm my nerves before I start singing. Wow, the butterflies in my stomach will totally go wild! I’m going to have to practice hard thinking of the future love of my life. So, waiting for the day, hwaiting!

Translations: pgeorgie



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