[TRANS] Jaejoong & Yoochun on ‘Listen? ~Live4Life~’ Interview

10 10 2009

T/N: About Part 1

Well, just like all the magazines on sale, there is nothing new on the program, the contents are similar to BIGEASTATION 132.
(It seems that they recorded this program in mid-September)

1. What time do they go to bed? What are they doing around midnight. Go walking, cooking, eating…
2. Talk about COLORS ~Melody & Harmony~
Difference between the duo and singing with five5, etc.
3. Whether or not Kitty is popular in Korea…
4. “COLORS” broadcasted

T/N: About Part 2
Translations from 2:50 – 4:43

Host: So here, connected to the title of the program “Listen,” may I ask you what I really want to hear?
YC: Yes, please.
H: Well, what kind of girls’ gestures make your heart beat?
YC: A girls’ gestures ahhhh~
JJ: Well………
H: I hear sighs. Okay?
JJ: Very difficult to answer. Various…
H: Various?
YC: Yes.
JJ: Well………
H: You can’t put them into right words?
YC: No, basically, I like home-loving…
H: Good at cooking?
JJ: Gestures during cooking…
YC: She is not good at cooking, but is trying her best. That kind…
H: Oh~~~~~~~~ I feel tenderness here!
YC: Yes.
H: And for you, Jaejoong?
JJ: Gestures? Well……
YC: Using dumbbells?
JJ&H: (Lol)
JJ: Ummm, how should I put it, I like girls who have beautiful hands…
YC: (Jaejoong likes girls with beautiful hands) So much.
H: (Girls with) Beautiful hands!
JJ: My ideal girl is someone with beautiful hands, but~
H: Yes?
JJ: And she uses her hands often, her hands approach her face (kind of gesture).
YC&H: Really?
H: I naturally did the gesture now, and my heart started beating…
JJ: When she laughs~
YC: (Lol)
H: Yes.
JJ: When she laughs, she covers her mouth like this…
H: Oh, did you hear that? Listeners, you should cover your mouth when you laugh.
JJ: Yes.
H: I’m doing the gesture right now, how do you feel?
JJ: Ummmm…
YC: Let’s get going to the next program!
H: (Lol)
JJ: (Lol)
H: You are always running away from me today!
JJ: Sorry.
H: Oh~~~~~~~ So today, we have invited Jaejoong and Yoochun from Tohoshinki~

Source: Listen? ~Live4Life + lovely_yuchun
Translations: smiley @ OneTVXQ



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11 10 2009

sweetie babies :D:D lovee you jaejoongie and chunieee (sun)

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