[NEWS] T-Nova Releases ‘TTL Listen.2’ Single

9 10 2009

6-member girl group T-ara, along with 6-member boy group Supernova has finally released their new track, ‘TTL Listen.2’.

On the 14th of September, T-Nova released project single ‘TTL (Time to Love)’ and ever since then, it’s topped charts like Cyworld, Nate, Melon, M-Net, and Soribada. Due to its massive popularity, the project group decided to come together as a 12-member group to promote the sequel song ‘TTL Listen.2’

According to a representative, the song was not supposed to be released until the 13th of October. However, because of the massive expectation of the new song, they decided to pull the date forward for the fans.

‘TTL Listen.2’ features club style house, with another 180-degree change in wardrobe, hair, make-up, and styling as compared to the first track ‘TTL’.

Source: SportsWorld
Translations: Elly@diadem




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