[NEWS] Kim SungMin Apologises to Lee Hyori for Hugging Her

9 10 2009

Recently earning the image of ‘4-dimensional actor’, Kim SungMin has revealed his intention to offer an apology to singer Lee Hyori.

Kim SungMin was on SBS ‘One Night’s TV Entertainment’ recently when he was asked “You like Lee Hyori’s style?” referring to his hugging incident with Lee Hyori on Mnet 20’s Choice previously. He replied, “If I was Lee Hyori, I would feel unhappy. One day when we meet, I need to apologize to her.”

Previously on Mnet 20’s Choice, when Lee Hyori won the multitainer award, Kim SungMin hugged her tightly which became a hot topic amongst netizens online.

And then Kim SungMin had written on his minihompy then saying, “A really happy day”. He had said, “The one thing that a man should do before he dies is to meet his style (type of woman) his like directly, isn’t it? Feeling good.”

Source: Sookyeong



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