[NEWS] Bada Will Start Performing The Song TaeCyeon Featured

9 10 2009

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Bada will start performing the song Taecyeon was featured, “Will they perform together on the stage?”

Bada will continue her activity with the song 2PM Taecyeon featured. She plans to show her first stage of “Yes, I’m In Love” (feat. Taecyeon) at Mnet M.Countdown on October 8th. In “Yes, I’m In Love”, Bada’s powerful voice and Taecyeon’s beasty rap make a great harmony together. It was a candidate for Bada’s 4th album’s title song, but it was pushed over by “Mad”.

Also, the picture of Taecyeon and Bada taken together at the studio gathered much public’s attention. Through the recent interview with Newsen, Bada said “I watched 2PM’s performance on TV by chance, and I fell for it at once. So, I asked for Taecyeon’s featuring on my new album through JYP. At first, I was just impressed by Taecyeon’s voice, but when I recorded the song with him I was surprised because he did such a good job.”

Then, Taecyeon, who temporally has stopped all of his activities, will join Bada on the stage? Bada’s ageny said “They don’t have any plans to perform together on the stage yet. We have asked JYPE but have not received a confirmed answer. Bada will perform by herself most of the time”. Meanwhile, the debut performance of “Yes, I’m In Love” will be revealed through “M.Countdown” on Nov 8th, Music bank on 9th, and SBS “Chocolate” on 10th.

Translations: Kirstyn@2pm-online
Coordinator: Cassina@2pm-online




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