[NEWS] TaeYang’s Comback in Oct With “Where U At”, Nov With “Wedding Dress”

8 10 2009

Big Bang’s Taeyang will come back solo after being out of the scene for a year and a half.

Taeyang’s new single “Where U At” will be released on October 15. Taeyang, who has been influential with his songs “Only Look At Me” and “Prayer” on his first solo mini album HOT, will be considered more than just a lead singer of a popular idol group and will instead prove himself to be a recognized musician.

Taeyang was #1 on various music and broadcast charts and was even predicted to win the end of the year music award by music critics. He also had his first solo concert this year, which was limited to adults and was tailored to older generations.

The “Where U At” music video which will be released on the 15th features famous foreign dancers who praised Taeyang, who was “better than a lot of dancers that they had ever seen. It is uncanny that someone who sings as well as he does can also dance incredibly well.”

“Where U At” was produced and composed by Teddy, who seems to be producing hits everywhere with “Only Look At Me,” “Prayer,” “Lollipop”, and 2NE1’s “Fire” and “I Don’t Care.” Their collaboration with this single has high expectations.

“Where U At”‘s lyrics are about a man imagining where his soulmate is and why they haven’t met yet, which is even more heartfelt considering how similar it is to 22-year-old Taeyang’s life story of how he has never had a girlfriend.

Taeyang’s solo comeback will open up competition between Big Bang members as G-Dragon is currently flooding the charts with his solo promotions.

YG Entertainment said “‘Where U At” will be released just to make Taeyang’s first full-length album known, so there will be no accompanying promotions or TV appearances.”

Taeyang will then release his second, actual title track “Wedding Dress” in early November. Then, he will start his actual promotions mid-November until the end of the year.

“Wedding Dress” will be somewhat revealed during the latter half of the “Where U At” music video.

Source: newsen
Translations: filmsession @ omona_prection@LJ



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