[NEWS] T-ara and Supernova Dominating Music Charts With ‘TTL (Time To Love)’

7 10 2009

For the 1st week of October on music portal site Mnet.com, project song ‘TTL (Time To Love)’ by groups T-ara and Supernova have taken Park HyoShin’s ‘After Love’ off the #1 spot.

The song ‘TTL (Time To Love’ has climbed up 10 positions the week before, to get to the #2 spot, and for this week, they have taken Park HyoShin off the #1 spot as the new #1 on the chart. With that, Park HyoShin, Kim TaeWoo and Lee Seung Gib the ballad troika, take the spots from #2~#4.

The song is not only #1 on Mnet chart, but it is also #1 on Monkey3 site.

Also from last week, group Gavy NJ has climbed up 19 positions on the chart to be at #6 with their new song ‘In A Pallid State’. And hiphop group Dynamic Duo climbed up 23 positions to be at #13 with the song ‘Sorry’.

One of the fastest climbers of the week is the song ‘That man and that woman’s situation’ by JunJin and UEE, it climbed up 41 positions on the chart in a week.

While for Mnet Artistes chart, Park HyoShin has risen up to the #1 spot for this week, the 3rd week in a role, gaining 34% of the votes from female fans in their teens.

GDragon is at #9 on overall music chart and is at #3 on artiste popularity chart. T-ara is at #4 on the artiste chart rising up 2 spots from #6 from last week.

Source: Sookyeong




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