[NEWS] TOP About Competition in Acting With UKnow, “I Never Thought Of It That Way”

6 10 2009

Group Big Bang member TOP has denied being compared in terms of acting with Dong Bang Shin Ki member Jung YunHo.

TOP was present at the press conference for upcoming KBS drama ‘IRIS’ on 5th October in Seoul Lotte Hotel, when he was asked the question of how he felt about the competition with Jung YunHo who is also having his acting debut in ‘Heading To The Ground’ at the same time period. His answer was, “I never thought of it that way.”

He said, “I started acting 2 years back with ‘I Am Sam’ without much thinking. Back then I was really very scared. But now I have a certain level of interests for acting, and I even have the greed to do better. Because acting has now become more of a responsibility to me, I don’t think about the burden of competition with other idol group members.”

And when asked if he had to do any special preparations for his role as a killer, he said, “I do not have much acting experiences unlike the other seonbae actors, because of that I do whatever I can and have to. I did a lot of shooting practice at the ball firing practice courts.”

He also added about his experience working with the other seonbae actors, “They treated me very well like a real dongsaeng (younger sibling) and I get the feeling of the maknae (youngest) in a family.”

Source: Sookyeong




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8 10 2009

Go T.O.P! You’re gonna kill it, baby!

8 10 2009


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