[NEWS] SBS ‘Idol Big Show’ Slammed With Criticisms Involving YG Ent.

6 10 2009

SBS ‘Inkigayo’ viewers noticeboard has been busy with netizens’ discussion even though it was not aired on 4th October.

Reason being that netizens were in heated discussion about SBS chuseok special Idol Big Show which was aired on 3rd october. There were many who voiced that even though the name is ‘Idol Big Show’, it was actually like a ‘YG concert’.

Because there was no noticeboard set up for the show as it is a one-off special show, netizens have diverted their views on Inkigayo noticeboard.
The artistes who appeared on the show were GDragon, 2NE1, So Nyeo Shi Dae, KARA, Lee Seung Gi, 4Minute, 2AM, After School etc and the show lasted for about 90 minutes. But much of the time were focused on YG singers and their performances.

While Lee SeungGi is the invited singer, he was more like the MC to the show. And singer groups like 4Minute and After School, they appeared at the beginning of the show, and after which they did not appear again. On the other hand, 2NE1, Big Bang and GDragon all YG singers had sung about 10 songs altogether. While for other groups, the most number of songs they performed were 3 songs.

Also netizens felt that YG Entertainment singers were given special treatment. While other singers perform special dance and trot performances, GDragon and 2NE1 got to sing their own songs. Many felt that the show was not a chuseok special but a YG concert.

A staff from Star Idol Show came up to clarify, “We did not purposely dedicated more time for any artistes. The amount of time the artistes get on stage depends on their schedule for that day of filming. “

Source: Sookyeong




2 responses

8 10 2009

get a fudging life, u korean “netizens”! everything is a “controversy” with something hidden behind it! freakin’ paranoids! god!!! but i still love korea and im going there and i love koreans!!! lol

9 10 2009

why is it with Koreans that if something little bad happens to someone who they love, they make the others look horribly bad?? they only got those 10 songs because they were popular! would the “netizens” like to hear songs that bore them to death?? no! 2NE1 and Big Bang’s music is good and fun to hear so that’s why they hav more songs! if the “netizens” want to complain, they should complain to the others for not being good enough to get 10 songs on air.

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