[NEWS] JYP Safekeeping All Post-its and Returned CDs

6 10 2009

What happened to the post-its posted up on JYP building and the 2PM CD which were returned to the company by fans?

Fans have been posting up post-its on JYP headquarters building in Seoul ChungDamDong ever since Park JaeBum left 2PM following the case of his MySpace messages exposed.

A JYP representative said, “Everyday, fans will post up post-its asking for JaeBum to return to 2PM, even though we do take them off once in a while, we do not throw them away, but have kept them safely.”

In fact, JYP had kept up to 10 boxes of the post-its, with about 5,000 post-its kept in 1 box. A staff also added, “We kept them all, without throwing 1 at all. And we are also safekeeping the 3,000 CDs returned.”

JYP said, “JaeBum has not revealed his stand about his plans to return to 2PM or not.”

Meanwhile, it was known that Park Jin Young recently met up with JaeBum and his family for a meal while he was on his way to New York. But the content to their meeting is not known.

Also, 2PM will be performing for Dream Concert as 6 members without JaeBum.

Source: Sookyeong




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6 10 2009

omg….Jaebeom! what are you waiting for!!!

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