[NEWS] Hyori’s Little Embarrassment Dancing to KARA’s Butt Dance

5 10 2009

Lee Hyori was faced with a little embarrassment after dancing to idol  girlgroup KARA’s butt dance.

This was featured in the latest episode of ‘Family Outing’ aired on 4th October, where Hyori together with the other Family members and special guests Cha TaeHyun and Jang Hyuk had visited the mountain sky line ride in KyeongSangBook Island.

Hyori had wanted to entertain the others while they made their way to take the ride by dancing to KARA’s song ‘Mister’ doing the butt dance. But Yoo JaeSeok had said putting her in embarrassment, “It will be great if KARA was here”.
The 2 then persuaded member Kim Jong Kook to dance to the dance as well. Also on this episode, guest appearance Jang Hyuk threw his actor image away by dancing to Brown Eyed Girls ‘Abracadabra’ dance with Lee Hyori on the show.

Watch Hyori’s dance from 6:42




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