[NEWS] SNSD SooYoung’s Elegant Waltz, “The Members Want to Come”

3 10 2009

SNSD’s SooYoung beat tough competition and took the challenge of ballroom dancing.

SooYoung revealed her Waltz and Vienna Waltz skills on KBS 2TV Thanksgiving Special, “Shall We Dance”, which aired on October 2nd.

SooYoungsaid, “I made it through tough competition” and “the members were telling each other that they’d come out.” SooYoung was only able to practice 5 times because of her busy schedule, but despite that, she showed her great dancing skills.

She showed an elegant swan-like lift move. Her partner Yoo DongHyun said, “I want to eat a meal with SNSD once” and in response, SooYoung said, “If we win, we will gladly do so.”

On this day, Kara’s Han Seungyeon, Shinee’s Minho, Kim Taewoo, Park Jaejung, Jewelry’s Seo In Young, Kyun Miri, Kim Shinyoung, Park Sohyeon, and more celebrities showed off their ballroom dancing on the show after practicing hard.

Source: Daum News, Newsen News copyrightⓒ
Translations: mishybear@soshified




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