[NEWS] Lee Hyori Voted #1 Celebrity Most Assiociated To A Rose

3 10 2009

Sexy icon Lee Hyori has been chosen the best female entertainer who reminds netizens of when they see a rose.

Online shopping mall Yoon Jong Shin Bouquet Flower 365 did a survey on the question ‘Which entertainer do you most associate with a rose?” and Lee Hyori came in #1 on the survey.

The survey was done from 21st to 29th September with 1,000 netizens responding to it. Lee Hyori received 700 votes (70%).

At #2, actress Han YeSeul was given 199 out of the 1000 votes (19.9%).

A Yoon JongShin Flower Bouquet staff said, “Rose stands for passion, excitement, beauty, respect, charms, happy love, endless love etc. It seems that fans have these associations when they think of Lee Hyori and her charms.”

Meanwhile, Lee Hyori will be having her singer comeback in November.

Source: Sookyeong



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