[NEWS] Kim SoYeon, “I’m A Fan of 2PM. I Wish Park Jaebum Would Return”

3 10 2009

In an interview with MyDaily actress Kim So Yeon revealed ‘I really like 2PM. My favorite song in the norebang (karaoke room) is ‘I Hate You’. To be honest I’m a 2PM fan’ which was a surprising confession.

She also talked about what she thought of Park JaeBum’s withdrawal from the group.

She said, “He wasn’t even given time for him to show how sorry he was and give a chance for fans to forgive him. He was one of the singers that I really wanted to see succeed. It’s been a long time since a group as charming and charismatic came out.”

‘The heartbreaking thing is his trainee days. I wonder how much hardcore training he did. The amount of times he must’ve, cried and sweated in his hard work he must’ve been in pain. As a star I feel his pain’.

‘There are still a lot of people who still support Park Jaebum. I know he’s a long distance away but I wish he could read this and be happier. And I hope he will return’ She left this supporting message for him.

Translations: Baby♥ANGANG@2ONEDAY
Via: Sookyeong




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