[NEWS] F(X)’s First Chuseok Operation: Make SongPyeon With SM Staff”

3 10 2009

Hot topic new group f(x) will be making Songpyeon (Korean rice cake made from sticky rice) together with their agency family.

f(x) was promised that they would make songpyeon together with the SM Entertainment staff for the upcoming Chuseok holidays. Since Amber and Victoria’s families respectively, live in America and China, they have no choice but to stay in Korea because the holiday is only 3 days. So, it was decided that they have a great time together with the other members and the agency’s staff. An agency representative said, “We plan on making songpeyon together with the f(x) members on Chuseok.” Also, “We wanted Amber and Victoria to personally experience Chuseok in Korea, as it is their first Chuseok since their debut.”

Of course, f(x) will be participating in a broadcast program during the Chuseok holidays. They will have their first overseas performance, on the 6th, in Qingdao, Chinao, for the ‘2009 Korea-China Song Festival’ and the group has been pushing on with their practices for this opportunity.

The leader Victoria recalled some memories about Chuseok, “When I came to Korea I ate Songpyeon(Korean rice cake made from sticky rice) for one of the Chuseok foods for the first time, and it was very delicious. I really look forward to eating Songpyeon again for the Chuseok.”

In addition, f(x) said their Chuseok greetings and revealed their ambitions, “We hope that everyone has a fun and happy holidays for the Chuseok. As this is our first Chuseok together, since our debut, we want to eat delicious foods, make wishes to the full moon, and have a special time together with the members.” Also “In the future we will work harder to become a passionate and diverse f(x).

Chuseok = Harvest Moon Festival

Source: Newsen
Translations: kellykim10 @ aff(x)tion forums



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13 10 2009


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