[INFO] A Glance at 2009 ChuSeok Special Shows (KBS, SBS, MBC)

2 10 2009

With the 3 major broadcast companies doing different chuseok special shows featuring special performances by different artistes, let’s take a look at what the 3 TV channels have installed for us this jampacked weekend in a glance.

KBS ‘Shall We Dance’

Broadcast Date: 02.10.2009
Broadcast Time: 7.10pm
MCs: Baek Ji Young, Lee Seung Gi
* Seo In Young – ‘Samba’
* SHINee MinHo – Paso Doble
* So Nyeo Shi Dae SooYoung – ‘Jazz and Wien Waltz’
* KARA SeungYeon – ‘Quick Step’
* Gyeon MiRi – ‘ChaChaCha’
* Park SoHyeon and Park JaeJung – ‘Rumba’
* Kim ShinYeong and Kim Tae Woo ‘Jive’

SBS ‘Chuseok special Idol Big Show’

Broadcast Date: 03.10.2009
Broadcast Time: 11.10pm
* So Nyeo Shi Dae
* G-Dragon
* Big Bang (Special Appearance)
* 2NE1
* SHINee
* Lee Seung Gi
* 4Minute
* 2AM
* After School
Some revealed special performances:
* GDragon & Sandara – ‘Hello’
* Big Bang & 2NE1 – ‘Last Farewell’ and ‘How Gee’
* Lee Seung Gi’s dance performance
* So Nyeo Shi Dae – ‘Into The New World’
* After School performing Pussycat Dolls ‘Buttons’

MBC ‘Star Dance Battle’

Broadcast Date: 04.10.2009
Broadcast Time: 7.35pm
Round 1:
* SHINee – performing ‘Boys On Top’ parody of BoA’s ‘Girls On Top’
* After School – Performing 2PM’s ‘Again & Again’
Round 2:
* 2AM – performing 4Minute ‘Hot Issue’
* Cool Kim SeonSoo – Performing Son DamBi ‘On A Saturday Night’
Round 3:
* Baek Ji Young and Kim Tae Woo – Performing Um JungHwa’s ‘Invitation’
* Jang Yoon Jeong and Park Hyun Bin – Performing ‘My Ear’s Candy’ trot version
Round 4:
* Jung Juri and Mighty Mouth
* Epik High – Performing Seo Taiji and Boys
Round 5:
* Jewelry – Musical dance performance
* KARA – Performing Wonder Girls ‘Nobody’
Round 6:
* Boom – Performing Brown Eyed Girls ‘Abracadabra’
* Yoo ChaeYeong and Kim NaYeong
Round 7:
* So Nyeo Shi Dae – Performing Michael Jackson and Super Junior
* Super Junior – Performing SNSD ‘Tell Me Your Wish’

Source: Sookyeong



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