[NEWS] SBS’s Controversial Reporter Poll Results

1 10 2009

Possibly the most controversial entertainment-related poll of 2009. SBS’s morning talk show “Good Morning” (좋은 아침) did a poll with 50 reporters specializing in the entertainment industry, with questions such as “Who is the most arrogant celebrity?” and “Who says the darndest things?” The episode was aired on the morning of September 27th. For those that are interested, and I know some of you are, here are the results:

Who changed the most after becoming famous?

1. Lee Min Ho
2. Son Dam Bi
3. Lee Jun Ki

Who says the Darnedest things?
1. Park Myung Soo (Infinite Challenge)
2. Kim Gu Ra (Various variety shows such as Radio Star)
3. Eugene (ex-SES)

Who is the most arrogant celebrity?
1. Park Shin Yang (The Painter of the Wind)
2. Park Hae Mi (Unstoppable Highkick)
3. Ok Joo Hyun (ex-FinKL)

Who was least expected to become famous?: Lee Min Ho
Who is frequently late for interviews: Lee Hyo Ri
Who didn’t become as famous as we expected them to be? Kim Ji Hoon (the actor, not singer from Duke)
Who is the most different from their image on TV? Han Seung Yeun (KARA)
Who has the least respect for their seniors? Park Shin Yang

Please keep in mind that the bias of the reporters may be heavy in this poll, as some of these celebrities are known to be not so media-friendly; for example, Park Shin Yang did not allow any reporters around the filming set of The Painter of the Wind because he thought they were distractions. Still, the results can interpreted to somewhat reflect the true personalities of some celebrities. When viewers complained to SBS for airing such controversial content, they explained that the show is produced by a third party and they did not expect such ignorance from the content.

Source: Allkpop




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