[NEWS] New Fantasy Web Series Casts Seo Hyo-rim, SS501’s Kim Kyu-jong

1 10 2009

SS501 Kim KyuJong and actress Seo HyoRim have been casted as the main leads for an astronomical youth fantasy webtoon drama ‘SETI’, written by Yoon TaeHo famous for his comic ‘The Moss’, and they’ve started their filming from this week.

Webtoon drama ‘SETI’ is an astronomical youth fantasy that explores the intelligent life in the outer space, Seo Hyorim and SS501’s Kim KyuJong will act as a couple.

‘SETI’ will be released in both comic and video format from 6-Oct onwards, every Tuesdays and Fridays, with a total of 16 episodes, and the first time ever to explore into topic of universe through teenage guys and gals. Seo Hyorim acts as Lee MinJoo who is a member of SETI club ‘Setian’, Kim KyuJong acts as MinJoo’s boyfriend, HoSik.

Kim KyuJong’s representative revealed “Even though KyuJong had filmed for music video and individual video for concert, this is his first acting (for drama). The author is famous and the staffs are people whom we have worked with making music videos, this is a good opportunity so we did it together.”

This representative also said “The burden is minimal since they film one scene for each episode. This will be a stepping stone for KyuJong’s future acting activities.”

He added “He will learn step by step and get familiar with the actual scene of filming, and will get into acting from next year onwards. There will be an opportunity for KyuJong to appear in the Korea-China-Japan drama that Kim HyungJoon appears in.”

Meanwhile in ‘SETI’, MinJoo is a anti (negative/passive) member in club Setian, where activities with the club getting longer, she felt skeptical about her hobby and work without any outcome. However her boyfriend HoSik is as obsessed with SETI as before and she felt displeased that their conversations were only concerning SETI. In addition, the appearance of Professor Park increases HoSik’s curiosity about SETI, thus friction increases. However when MiJoo witnessed HoSik’s actual life, she was impressed by it and created a change in their relationship.

Source: Newsen + SS601
Translations: xiaochu @ Quainte501




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