[NEWS] 2PM’s New Album & Future Schedules, “No Confirmed Plans Yet”

1 10 2009

With news going out that 2PM will perform as 6 members for Dream Concert this year, after leader member JaeBum left the group on 8th September, there are some who are curious when they will come up with a  new album, and also their schedule after Dream Concert.

2PM will perform for the first time as 6 members after JaeBum left the group and JYP Entertainment announced that the group will promote as 6 members on 10th October for Dream Concert.

A JYP representative said, “For now, we have to continue with Dream Concert because we have confirmed the group’s appearance  along time back. But for the group’s following schedule, we have no confirmed plans yet.”

Also, before JaeBum withdrew from the group, there were plans for the group to come up with a new album either early or mid October, the JYP representative said, “We have not decided on the album release date. Even though we have decided that the group will promote as 6 members, it has just been decided for not long ago, we are having a headache now over when the album should come out.”

Source: Sookyeong




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