[VIDEO] 2PM Jaebum Scandal on Seattle Local News

30 09 2009



8 responses

30 09 2009

it sound like he want to go back;;; I think it boil down to korea someeething stop him fro,m going back sad

30 09 2009

OMG! this is CRAZY!!!!
Seattle media even went that far to show his parents home. a home where he’s supposed to be safe with his family to get away from the chaos.
i’m sorry to say this but his privacy has been invaded completely.

i’m sure fans are going to be showing up at his doorsteps. :sighs:

Jaebum, what’s next? its all up to you now.

30 09 2009
mrs gd

tak best r kalo x de jaebum dlm 2pm lgi..bengong r jyp tooo….

jyp make a big mistaken in tehir business..2 pm will eb ruined one day!!!!
call him back to korea!!!

30 09 2009

that poor kid

30 09 2009

I really wish they hadn’t done this =/. It’s amazing the notice and media coverage this is getting, but I feel more and more like this small situation is spiraling out of control.

I don’t know if there’s anyway for Jaebum to come back quietly, because I think this will honestly take months to calm down. So for him it might either be jump right back into the fire and push past it, or wait a very long time for people to give up.

1 10 2009

LOL, WOW. This actually reached Seattle NEWS. That’s.. overexagerating the situation slightly. Aww, poor guy! They really should just leave him alone. I’d LOVE for them to get back together, but come on, he went home to get away from it all, ya know? Leave the guy alone to sort out his life, he doesn’t need cameras in his face and messages in the sky to do that for him.

2 10 2009

leaving didn’t make things better, it only became worst for the other members as well and made fans feel empty.

6 10 2009

im mad how they went on to the weather….-_- lmao but I miss Jaebeom. only the ppl that don’t listen to kpop don’t know that 2pm IS popular in the states. I do think kpop is better than the american music market anyway, aside from that I hope Jaebeom does return to 2pm someday! 🙂 Jaebeom hwaiting! 2pm hwaiting!

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