[NEWS] Tohoshinki’s Best Record! 180K Copies Shipped On The First Day Of Release!

30 09 2009

Jejung (23) and Yuchun (23) from Tohoshinki (a group consisting of 5 Korean members) formed a new unit under the name of 「JEJUNG & YUCHUN(from 東方神起)」and released their single 「COLORS ~ Melody and Harmony~」today, on the 30th. Taking into account that this is the first shipment only and they have already sent out 180,000 copies, this is a phenomenal record for the CD industry which is in recession. This is a start to Tohoshinki breaking their past “highest in history” records.

Theirs is the first unit (T/N: like a sub-group) from Tohoshinki, and it sparked a furor.

Early in September, when it was released online as a ringtone, the number of downloads exceeded 250,000. As of 29th September, the first shipment made for the CD exceeded 180,000.

Since Tohoshinki’s debut in April 2005, up until their single「Stand by U」, 24 singles have been released, but Jejung & Yuchun’s new single have erased the records Tohoshinki made in the past with a new personal best; this is the highest number of CDs shipped on the first day in Tohoshinki’s history. It is highly possible that they might be able to ship out roughly 300,000 copies of the single, which is a very large number.

“COLORS”, that was composed by the both of them “as a gift to the fans”, was revealed in July this year during their Tokyo Dome concert. Due to the great reaction from the fans, it was made into a single.

With regards to their activities as a unit, during an interview Jejung smiled and said, “It’s always been the 5 of us, so when it’s just the 2 of us, it’s completely different, and it’s a fresh experience. It’s not 2 people who have left the 5 to work on our own, but instead, we’re showing you a new face. But since it’s just the two of us, when we’re doing the photoshoot and filming, it’s a little lonely. When it’s just the 2 of us (with Yuchun), it’s a little embarrassing when our eyes meet.” Yuchun said laughing, “New face? The most important thing for noodles is the soup! (T/N: Face & noodle sound the same in Japanese – ‘men’)” He also smiled and said that he hopes that their activities will be an “added plus to the activities they conduct as a group of 5”.

In 2004, Tohoshinki started out with sales of 3,000 copies for their now memorable single, 「HUG」. In April 2005, their Japanese debut single 「Stay With Me Tonight」started off with 10,000 copies. At that time, only 200 fans attended their event, but their popularity in Japan grew gradually. On the 30th, their DVD 「4th LIVE TOUR 2009 〜The Secret Code〜 FINAL in TOKYO DOME」was released on the same day. Reaching 180,000 copies in the first day, it also seems like in the DVD department, they might also have a shot at breaking the highest record currently held by EXILE (shipped 350,000 copies). Tohoshinki’s wave is increasingly unstoppable.

Source: [Daily Sports]
Translations: mandasoh@tohosomnia




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1 10 2009


1 10 2009

tohoshinki rocks!

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