[NEWS] Wonder Girls pick KARA’s Hara as the Strongest Female Idol

29 09 2009

The Wonder Girls have picked KARA Goo Hara as the strongest female idol member.

Currently promoting in the States, the Wonder Girls made a special video message for MBC’s ChuSeok special ‘Sweet Girl’.

The group has showed their bright features through ‘Sweet Girl’ featuring some of the recent hottest girl groups, sending their greetings to colleagues and fans.

In the video message, Wonder Girls teased, “If you want to pick the strongest idol group, it is supposed to be us, how come you guys are missing us out? (For the sake of appearing on the show) Please give us airplane tickets.” also expressing their regret for not being able to appear on the show.

The Wonder Girls was told to pick, from So Nyeo Shi Dae, KARA, Brown Eyed Girls, After School, 4Minute and T-ara, on the member who is the strongest (biggest strength). And they answered Goo Hara.

MBC’s ChuSeok special ‘Sweet Girl’ is a survival game show which sees the participation of 6 girl groups. All the members will fight it out to be the best female idol member.

The show will be aired on 2nd October.

Source: Sookyeong




3 responses

17 12 2009
sarah mae

I think the wonder girls is best but hara not pretty………
For you and formation i love you wonder girls and i love you sohee

17 12 2009
tin tin

yeah sarah is good i think too……
Hara is not good she already bad hmmmm……I think so…..

17 12 2009

Im hanaga i support wonder girls for me wonder girls are good or nice….
Wonder girls 100% -hara or kara 1%…..
But kara is bad or ugly girl she push your star…..:D

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