[NEWS] SNSD Jessica Responds To F(X) Krystal’s Kidnapping Threat!

29 09 2009

f(x)’s youngest member Krystal Jung, and her sister SNSD / Girls’ Generation’s Jessica Jung me2day’s (similar to twitter) has been a hot topic amongst netizens recently because of the affection that the two sisters have towards each other has been exposed to the public.

On September 7, 2009, Krystal had created her own me2day and on the 23rd, she added a picture with a lively caption that said, “Hi people I’m back.”

On her latest me2day picture, she talks about her plans for kidnapping Jessica.

Krystal’s friends on me2day left tons of comments such as: “Trying to kidnap your own older sister, you must be really brave!” “I really want to see pictures of the sisters together.” “Saying you’re going to kidnap your older sister, you are so cute.” These comments obviously showed the great anticipation of future pictures of the Jung sisters together.

Just when you thought they couldn’t be any cuter Jessica posted on her me2day, “My baby sister Krystal came to kidnap me^^ hello everyone?”

Jessica is said to have started her own me2day because she was invited by none other than her baby sister which led to comments such as, “You really came!” and “Look it’s proof of Krystal’s mighty force!” and “Oh! Krystal really kidnapped Jessica into joining me2day!”

Source: Allkpop
Shared by: KPOP JJANG




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29 09 2009


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