[NEWS] NS Yoon Ji Talks About Her Cousin, KARA’s JiYoung

29 09 2009

NS Yoon Ji (Kim Yoon Ji) has been gathering a lot of attention even before her debut, for being the elder cousin of KARA’s Kang JiYoung.

On the broadcast of SBS’ Inkgayo last September 26, the two cousins even shared a waiting room, where JiYoung held her cousin’s hand tight to relieve her of her anxiety before taking her stage. NS Yoon Ji said “JiYoung was with me the whole day, just making sure I was alright. Even till the very end, where all the artists get together for the winner’s result, JiYoung was just holding my hand as we went up the stage. She worried about my clothes, hair and stage manners, and it was really touching to see her so concerned.”, NS Yoon Ji ended with a smile.

She continues “JiYoung was really pretty ever since she was young that she was the talk of the town in our neighborhood. Since I’m the eldest and she’s the youngest, she followed me pretty well. Since JiYoung has a lot of aegyo, she’s really loved by everyone in the family for her cuteness. We weren’t able to see each other that much when I went to the states to study, but once or twice a year, she would always sleep over at our place and we would catch up until late at night. Even after debuting as a member of KARA, she would come over our house whenever they have breaks.”

NS Yoon Ji also expressed her concern for her younger cousin. She says “Since JiYoung left home at such a young age to live in the dorm together with the other members of KARA, sometimes, I do feel bad. But seeing how much JiYoung likes her work, and how KARA is gaining success everywhere, it sends a warm feeling in my heart.”

She adds “Whenever I see JiYoung, I feel inspired. After my first broadcast, I sent her a message stating ‘I promise I would be an Unnie that would never embarrass you.’ and in return JiYoung replied “I also won’t be a dongsaeng that Unnie would be embarrassed of.”

After graduating at UCLA, NS Yoon Ji is back in Korea to promote her debut single ‘Headache’.

Source: Newsen
Translations: coffeebeanie@KARAholic




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