[NEWS] BEG Narsha, “I Feel Good When Others Say I Look Like Ha JiWon”

28 09 2009

Brown Eyed Girls Narsha has revealed an episode related to actress Ha Ji Won.

Narsha revealed during a recent recording of SBS ‘YaShimManMan 2′, “It makes me very happy.” after she was asked the question, “There are many people who say I look like Ha JiWon, how do you feel about it?”.

She added, “There was once when we first debuted, there was one person who came up to me to told me he like me and asked for autograph even though we were not so well known. And he told me I looked like Ha JiWon.”
Other than that, on the show some of the questions posed to Narsha were “Are you not jealous of GaIn who has been gaining much popularity recently?”, “Do you put on makeup to that one eye which is covered by your fringe when you perform Abracadabra?” etc

This episode will be aired on 28th September.

Source: Sookyeong




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