[NEWS] Hottests Call Out to JaeBum Through Sky Banner

27 09 2009

International fans who wish for JaeBum, who recently withdrew from 2PM, to return to Korea, will display their message to JaeBum via a sky banner.

There are plans for international fans to put up a sky banner ‘J. What Time Is It Now’ in Seattle, where JaeBum is currently staying in, on 28th September at local time 2pm.

The sky banner is in hope to persuade JaeBum to return to Korea and go back to promotions.

Meanwhile, JaeBum has returned to his hometown Seattle on 8th September after withdrawing from 2PM. The incident came after the message he wrote on his MySpace 4 years back were revealed and were deemed as offending to many Koreans.

While group 2PM will promote as 6 members.

Source: Sookyeong




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27 09 2009


27 09 2009

Thank you for posting this. The Korean news reported it a little wrong, though, hahaha. It’s actually not to persuade Jay to come back, it’s to let him know we love him no matter what he chooses.

Anyway, HOTTESTs, fighting!!

28 09 2009

jaebam aknowledge your fans of all these money and hardwork they do for you;;; you have to come out of the shell and said thank you and you know you are forgiven from everyone from korea to america;;;; be brave and said something;;;; if not you are going to be a miserable old man living with guilt::::: love and peace out

28 09 2009

Why can’t FANS just leave him be? He choose to leave weather or not they support him, but doing anything positive or negative only makes him feel worst. By accepting his choice, say and do nothing and just go on with 2PM. When he is ready to return, he will.

29 09 2009

He does not know what damage he does to his fans too::: it not making him look good;::

29 09 2009

So lets move on and forget about him…

29 09 2009

Of course he knows the hardship he has put forth upon everyone else, but It’s his life, it’s his choice. Who cares how you or the fans feel, as long as he is n’t happy, shouldn’t his fans be happy for him too. Deciding to be a star doesn’t mean you have to be one forever, 2PM will go on with or without him, and true fans will support them no matter what! JaeBum will be remembered anyway!

29 09 2009

**** I mean as long as he his happy

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