[NEWS] Who’s the Man? Rain is

24 09 2009
A fan recently put together the male celebrities have been quoted to look up to Korea’s top singer, Rain. Rain has really made his way up from the bottom. Now he is starring in the soon to be released movie, Ninja Assassin. Since he can easily be called one of the most famous people in Korea, it’s no surprise that he has so many followers from singers to actors, they’ve all names Rain someone they model themselves after.

He is a role model for so many young boys and girls and even the stars. Check out the male celebrities who have admitted their respect for Rain:

Jung Il Woo
“He’s at the top but he’s still so nice and polite. I look up to that. He can act and sing and I wish I could be good at everything like him. I can’t sing or dance but I want to work as hard he does with my acting and be like him.”

ChanSung of 2PM
“I’ve always liked Rain hyung but when I joined JYP and saw him work I really respected him and looked up to him. I realized his job is not something that happens overnight. He works so hard to be where he is.”

TaeMin of SHINee
“I liked Rain sunbae-nim before debut. My role model is Rain sunbae. When I auditioned, I sang his song.”

LeeTeuk of Super Junior
“I always monitor Rain subae-nim’s TV appearances. I learn from them. My favorite song is Only You from his 5th album. I also monitored his comeback performance last time.”

Kim Hyun Joong of SS501
“I actually bought Rain sunbae-nim’s concert DVD with my own money. I always watch if after everyday even if I come home late. I learn so much from it.”

In an interview…
Q)Who’s your role model as a singer?
A)In Korea, I love Rain subae-nim. I memorize his schedule sometimes because I love him so much. I always listen to him so I feel like my voice tone is becoming a bit like his. People say I remind them of him and that is such an honor.

“When I became a trainee through JYP, I auditioned because of Rain sunbae-nim. I learned how to be on stage. He’s my sunbae but also my teacher. I modeled myself after him and studied. When people tell me I’m a mini version of Rain, it’s such an honor. I’d rather hear that than ‘He copies Rain.’ Now that I’ve followed after him, I want to create my own style too.”

“He’s an amazingly talented person. I realized how amazing he really is when I went on stage myself. Thank you for comparing me to him but I can’t just stop there. I have to keep working hard to be myself. I haven’t met him yet but one day I want to perform with him.”

Park Tae Hwan
He picked Rain as the star he looks up to.
“He really knows how to work hard and I look up to him. I don’t just like him, I respect him”

Source: Daum + Allkpop



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