[NEWS] Power of Girl Groups – Taking Up 8 Spots Out of 10 Spots on Top 10 Chart

11 08 2009

August is the month where the girl group effect can be seen to be the most powerful.

For top 10 on music charts for the 1st week of august, 8 songs are songs by girl groups. For Mnet chart, for 1st week of August (3rd – 9th August) #1 goes to Brown Eyed Girls with ‘Abracadabra’, and #10 is also taken by Brown Eyed Girls with ‘Candy Man’.

KARA, who recently came back with their 2nd album, is at #2  and #7 with ‘Wanna’ and ‘Mister’.

T-ara and 2NE1 is at #5 and #6 with ‘Lies’ and ‘I Don’t Care’. The song ‘I Don’t Care’, released at the beginning of July, is still doing strong up music charts.

#9 goes to ‘Amoled’ a collaboration by Son DamBi and After School. and #8 goes to ‘NaengMyun’ by So Nyeo Shi Dae Jessica and Park MyungSoo. With that 8 spots out of the top 10 charts are from girl groups.

The 2 other spots on the top 10 chart is by FT Island and MC Mong with ‘I Hope’ and ‘Indian Boy’ at #3 and #4.

Source: Sookyeong




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