[NEWS] FT Island’s One-Day Date With 17-Year Old Fans

11 08 2009

FT Island kept their promise to go on a date with their fans and two lucky winners had their dreams come true.

FT Island had a one-day date with the Dream Ticket holders. This Dream Ticket that was inserted in their new album “Cross & Change“, entitles the winner to go on a one-day date with FT Island.

Two lucky Dream Ticket holders had their date with FT Island on the 7th. Both aged 17, the two school girls bought the albums containing the Dream Tickets at Chungcheong-do & Seoul respectively. The girls were surprised to find the yellow ticket inside the album. They have only heard about the Dream Ticket by word of mouth and they were very happy to know that they were the lucky ones.

When asked if they felt awkward with the members or towards the other fans, they said that they had prepared things that they wanted to say to the members. They were also worried about meeting the other fans. The girls received flower bouquets and they also went around with FT Island in their van, to music show rehearsals and other schedules.

After the event, FT Island members expressed that, “It was a pity that we couldn’t do many things together because of our schedule. It was a chance to interact with our fans closely.” The members also felt sorry as they wanted to give the girls a treat, however, they only had packed food for dinner.

FT Island’s management company also mentioned that, “After adjusting their schedules, we will plan for the second date. We are unable to reveal the total number of Dream Tickets.”

Source: Newsen
Translations: ying1005 @ primanoona




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