[NEWS] BoA Signs On With CAA

7 05 2009

BoA who is currently working on her debut in America has signed with ‘CAA’ (Creative Artists Agency).

‘CAA’ is the home to may top celebrities like: Brad Pitt, Will Smith, George Clooney, Oprah Winfrey, David Beckham, Steven Spielberg, etc. Now that she’s gotten into a big agency like ‘CAA’, they will probably be more than likely to hook up the pop star with bigger gigs. ‘CAA’ plans to handle practically EVERYTHING related to promotions- that includes albums, concerts, movies, endorsements and merchandising (character products).

Looks like ‘CAA’ will be investing a lot into the petite pop star in order to make her the next Asian ‘Hannah Montana’ or something. Well goodluck BoA!

Hopefully she will be able to accomplish more than eternal ESL student, Rain or debut preparer, Se7en was able to in the States. That way she can open the door for future Korean artists that want to break into the U.S.

Source: Popseoul



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