[TRANS] SuJu’s Handwritten Messages: “The Words You Would Want To Write”

16 03 2009


Features just like of “mine”
Are the most beautiful features!
Super Junior Sorry Sorry Sungmin



Sorry~ Sorry~ Super Junior
Please give us a lot of love
Your eyes are dazzling, dazzling



Only a loving heart is insufficient
Now, you have to start showing your love
I love you – SJ. Eeteuk



Finally became an always kind~ Pretty~♡ Gentlemanly^^..
Hand~~~some!! Man!!
Yesung Jjang~♡


Han Geng

Hope that everyone will be happy forever. Thank you everyone for your attention.
I also hope that everyone will support Super Junior. Support 3 Jib.
I will continue to work hard. I love you all. Han Geng



Super Junior “Shindong” – Motto “Positive”
Positively, as bright as Shindong… Bringing happiness to many people..
Frequent thoughts of being a cheerful person!!!!
In truth, we must deal well with times of difficulty.. We must remain “positive” in times of difficulty.. Super Jr. Shindong



(Is) sick but must endure!
3rd album big hit! Sorry Sorry big hit! I love you ^-^;


Eunhyuk (1)

Father, Mother, I love you (both)~^^
Eunhyuk ♥
*in fine print: ♥ Donghae loves you (both) too ♥


Eunhyuk (2)

Although there are many plans in a loving heart, but only God’s will is sufficiently established.
Proverbs of Solomon 21:9
Eunhyuk ♥ Siwon ♥ Donghae



Donghae (1)

Are there any words more beautiful than I love you?


Donghae (2)

Always be healthy ^-^
Always be happy ^-^


Siwon (1)

Listen to God’s words, under the Lord’s guidance, be devoted till the end
Jesus’ gentle disciples…
Choi Siwon


Siwon (2)

Love can camouflage numerous evil.

Choi Siwon




 Credits: jktwh@SJF, Yesung iFensi




6 responses

16 03 2009

i love siwon soo much;;; such a good influence to mee i swearr havent been tlkn to God for a while
too much sujuinggg

love you guysssss
thank God you are togetherrrr
christine+superjunior= LMAOOO!

16 03 2009

how sweet and cute! ^^

17 03 2009

Hi this blog is great I will be recommending it to friends.

19 03 2009
Choi Ji_won

Love you always, Siwon-oppa…
God Bless You always…
Hopefully you always successFUL,healthy and HANDSOME STILL…_<)

24 03 2009

gahh!!this is so sweet!hyuk jae’s n siwon’s!(:
may God bless you guys forever and more!(:

5 04 2009

Hyukkie’s and Donghae loves you too..haha!cute!
thanks for this!

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