[NEWS] Fearless YoonA vs. Cowardly Daesung

3 03 2009

YoonA vs. Daesung

Girls Generation’s YoonA showed some killer-sweet traits of Family Outing’s Park Ye Jin while on the show this week. YoonA fearlessly grabbed two fish with bare hands and prepared them while Big Bang’s Daesung and Yoon Jong Shin just watched, completely stunned. In fact, while she was calmly taking care of the fish, Daesung was standing a bit far off, too scared to even come close. She even teases him by shoving the fish guts in his face. He looked authentically scared and jumped back like a little kid! And then in a really manly fashion, he confessed that he was actually really good at that kind of stuff and was only putting on an act for YoonA’s experience sake.

Wow, thats attractive, really. I’m sure he’ll be a big hit with the ladies. On the other hand, a girl who can cook plus she’s cute? Who cares if she can’t sing, I’m all for it.





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