[INFO] Super Junior M Postage Stamps

8 12 2008

Charity postage stamps featuring Super Junior-M have been released in China. A portion of the sales will be used to help victims of the Sichuan earthquake.

ELFs can now send mail to other ELFs using old-school snailmail as a new means of communication to debate over serious subjects they have no control over such as whether they accept Henry and Zhoumi as part of the band.

Which nuckle-head government official at the post office gave this idea the green light?! If I got a letter in the mail with Super Senior on the top-right hand corner, I’d burn it like spam. I get enough ahjusshi exposure on a daily basis. A mailbox invasion is the last thing I need.



Credits: Seoulbeats




One response

3 03 2010

suju M… SUPER JUNIOR the best..they got it all:) suju FIGHTING:)

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