[NEWS] SuJu HanKyung and His Rumoured Girlfriend?

6 11 2008

Super Junior HanKyung has came out to clear the rumour of his relationship with famous Chinese actress Liu YiFei.

A photo which captured HanKyung and Liu YiFei was published on China’s daily newpaper forum (yule.com.cn) on 5th November, with the content to the photo as “HanKyung and Liu YiFei met up 1 year ago, and has developed feelings for each other over this period of time. They are right now in a relationship.”

A SM Entertainment representative then came out to say, “The woman in the photo is not Liu YiFei. She is the actress who is currently filming together with HanKyung in his upcoming Chinese drama “Youth Stage” Hwang Yi. The actors and the staff to the drama have went out together for a meal, and the photo was taken of them when they had finished the meal and exiting the restaurant, making it look like HanKyung was on a date.”




Credits: K Bites




2 responses

8 11 2009

hye……………..to all korean artists……sarange!!!wish all the best to you all…..dont ever forget to visit sarawak….it is in malaysia…..my friend,n**,also want to meet with super junior,hankyung…..k,,,thats alll…….bbasya1!!!

16 12 2009
Hana Choi

Thanks God!!
Actually, when I heard that issue, it really hurts!!

But, after I know the fact from SM, I feel relieved!!

SuJu, please visit ELF in Indonesia…
We miss u!!
I really wanna meet Han Kyung n Si Won.. The others too..

Jesus Bless~

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