[INFO] DBSK Nominated at 2008 MKMF – Please Vote!

17 10 2008

MNet KM Music Festival 2008 (MKMF) will be on the November 15, 2008 at Seoul Olympic Stadium and will last for six hours. Performers include: DBSK, Super Junior, Big Bang, SHINee, SS501, Battle, FT Island, Wonder Girls, Supernova, Lee Hyori, SNSD, MC Mong, SG Wannabe, Ivy, Dong Wan

DBSK is nominated for:
-Best Group Song
-Best Dance Song
Song of the Year for MIROTIC
-Best Male Group
-Artist of the Year
-Internet and Mobile “Choice” of the year (based on internet and SMS votes)


1. Make sure that you are using Internet Explorer, or other server, not Firefox, because it wouldn’t work properly and your comp will hang (happened to me T_T)
2. Click here and you’ll see options for citizenship (Foreigner residing, etc). Choose Foreigner (unless you are a Korean citizen)
3. Agree to all the terms and conditions by checking all four boxes (there are four of those) then click on Save.
4. Fill in your details. It’s all in English so it should be easy enough. Remember to click “certification” after putting in your e-mail.
5. It will tell you to check your e-mail for the authentification number in your e-mail. It WILL take a while since there are a lot of people creating an account to vote. Remember to check your spam folder.
6. Put in the authentic number you get in your e-mail on the box provided then click Save.
7. Log in using your account username and password.

1. Click here to see all the nominations for this year’s MKMF.
2. There are 17 categories. Tick the boxes that contain DBSK (It’s pretty easy to spot the hangul in their names… or you can see (MIROTIC) beside their picture.
3. I think you’re required to vote for a certain number of categories, so for those where DBSK is not nominated, just check on whoever you want in the nominations.




The current tally of the votes can be found here.



Credits: Fangirlmitz




5 responses

18 10 2008

Vote for DBSK for best male group but vote for wonder girls for best female group.

18 10 2008

SHINee newcomer

19 10 2008

i have some trouble. I click on certification then go to my email and got the authentic number but when i pasted it in, it doesnt work. it keep saying not match. so redo it again (5 times actually) the whole thing again and again, but it keep saying not match authentic no. What should I do? I really want to vote to help DBSK win this thing

20 10 2008
20 10 2008

wow, I actually was able to vote! YAY DBSK Hwaiting!

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