[VIDEO] KBS2 Music Bank Half Year Special Episode (All Performances Here)

26 06 2009

2NE1 – Umbrella

2NE1 – Fire

Boys Generation (2PM+Super Junior+SHINee+2AM) – Gee

SHINee – Juliette

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[INFO] Special Stage Galore for Music Bank Tonight

26 06 2009

Follow the steps here to catch this epic episode of Music Bank!

As many have heard about it, (26.06.2009) today’s episode of KBS Music Bank is going to be really interesting.

Today’s episode is a sum-up episode of all the popular Kpop hits on all the different charts on KChart for the first half of 2009. And some of the special stages line-up are

  • 2NE1 with ‘Umbrella’
  • So Nyeo Shi Dae comeback stage with ‘Tell Me Your Wish’
  • ‘Idol Parade’ featuring idol groups like KARA, SHINee and 2PM doing classic hits by Fin.K.L, HOT and G.O.D.

Today’s Music Bank stages include:

  1. Wan Seok Hyun & Lee HwiJae ‘Noona I Love You’
  2. So Nyeo Shi Dae comeback stage – ‘Tell Me Your Wish’
  3. 2NE1 special stage – ‘Umbrella’
  4. Girls Generation So Nyeo Shi Dae with ‘Boys Generation’ 2AM, 2PM and Super Junior
  5. Rookie dance battle - ChungRim vs AJ vs TaeGoon
  6. KWill, Baek Ji Young, Jo Sung Mo with ‘That’s what friends are for’
  7. [Special 'Idol Parade'] KARA performing Fin.K.L
  8. [Special 'Idol Parade'] SHINee performing HOT
  9. [Special 'Idol Parade'] So Nyeo Shi Dae performing S.E.S
  10. [Special 'Idol Parade'] 2PM performing G.O.D
  11. 2NE1 with ‘Fire’
  12. Super Junior with ‘Sorry Sorry + It’s You’
  13. KARA with ‘Pretty Girl + Honey’
  14. 2PM with ‘Again & Again + I Hate You’
  15. Son DamBi with ‘Saturday Night’
  16. Davichi with ‘8282′
  17. Chung Rim with ‘Step’
  18. AJ with ‘Dancing Shoes’
  19. TaeGoon with ‘Superstar’
  20. 2AM with ‘A Friend’s Confession’
  21. SHINee with ‘Juliette’
  22. Jo Sung Mo with ‘I was happy’
  23. K Will with ‘One drop one second’
  24. Baek Ji Young with ‘Like Being Hit’
  25. Im Chang Jung ‘It’s being long’
  26. I heard K Chart #1 contestants tomorrow are said to be So Nyeo Shi Dae, Super Junior and 2NE1

Follow the steps here to catch this epic episode of Music Bank!

Credits: Sookyeong

[NEWS] Wish After Turning 20? Kang MinKyung and Jo Kwon Wants to Go Clubbing

13 06 2009

Davichi Kang Min Kyung and 2AM Jo Kwon have revealed that their wish after turning age of 20 is to go clubbing.

They were both on Mnet Madam B’s Salon aired on 12th June when they said “After turning 20, the thing that I want to do most is to go clubbing.”

Kang Min Kyung said, “I debuted when I was 19 and I couldn’t go to places like clubs, though I had the wish to go clubbing, now that more people have known me it seems quite impossible”.

Meanwhile Jo Kwon also revealed that he wished to film for a milk CF. He said, “I can drink just milk with the happiness expression.”

Credits: Sookyeong

[NEWS] SHINee, 2PM, 2AM and Davichi etc Come Together for ‘Helping Our Needy Neighbour Concert’

8 06 2009

Artistes will come together for the 2nd ‘Star Donation Meteor’ concert. The 1st of this concert was held last October and was aired on KBS as ‘Korea is 1 Family’.

And for this concert, the performing artistes like SHINee, 2PM, 2AM, Davichi, Jo Sung Mo, Lee Jung Hyun, ChaeYeon, TaeGoon, Bae Seul Gi, After School, Park Hyun Bin, Drunken Tiger, Yoo Mi Rae, Tei, LeeSsang etc.

The concert is sponsored by Who Is and KBS, and supported by Cultural and Physical education tourism board, SK Telecom, Nike, Dragonfly, I Love Plastic Surgery Dermatology. It will be held on 20th June in Seoul Korean University’s stadium. Proceeds to the concert will be contributed to help the needy.

Credits: Sookyeong

[INFO] Top 30 Korean Songs in 2009

4 04 2009

1. Dong Bang Shin Ki – MIROTIC
2. Super Junior – Miracle
3. Super Junior – Sorry Sorry
4. Dong Bang Shin Ki – Rising Sun
5. T-Max – 나쁜 마음을 먹게해 (Dance Ver.)
6. Super Junior – Don’t Don
7. Super Junior – U
8. Wonder Girls – Tell Me
9. FT Island – Love Sick
10. Baby Vox Re.V – Never Say Goodbye
11. Dong Bang Shin Ki – Holding Back The Tears
12. Dong Bang Shin Ki – Shine
13. Davichi – 8282
14. Super Junior – Endless Moment
15. 2PM – 10 points out of 10
16. Cheon Sang Ji Hee – One More Time, OK?
17. Xing – My Girl
18. Girls’ Generation – Gee
20. HowL & J – Perhaps Love
21. Wonder Girls – Friend
22. Se7en – 라 라 라
23. SHINee – Amigo
24. Big Bang – This Love (G-Dragon solo)
25. Big Bang – Always
26. After School – Ah

Credits: Wonder Girls Thailand + Shineeholic + KPOP JJANG

[NEWS] Davichi Takes Super Junior Off #1 Spot on Music Bank

4 04 2009

Female duo Davichi has risen up to the #1 spot on Music Bank in just 3 weeks into their comeback .

They had their comeback stage on Music Bank with the song ‘8282′ on 20th March and on 3rd April they had taken Super Junior off their #1 spot from 27th March with their comeback hit ‘Sorry Sorry’. Not only on Music Bank, Davichi’s song ‘8282′ is also currently standing at #1 position on SBS Inkigayo and Mnet M!Countdown.

Too bad for Super Junior, though I was hoping they can stay longer as #1 on the chart with this highly anticipated comeback song ‘Sorry Sorry’.



Credits: Sookyeong

[NEWS] Davichi: “There Are Times When We Are Envious of SNSD”

21 03 2009

Korean girl pop duo Davichi, who first rose to fame with popular hit songs such as “I Love You Even Though I Hate You”, “Sad Promise” and “Love and War”, has recently released their mini album after almost a year. The mini album titled “Davichi in Wonderland” includes songs such as “8282″ and “I Made an Accident”, and just like their song names, it seems almost accidental that the mini album has been gaining widespread popularity in 2009.

Davichi, who officially debuted in 2008 with the release of their first album “Amaranth”, has garnered lots of attention as an example of a successful female group with their striking appearances and powerful vocals. They then attracted the attention of many people as rising stars when they won various Best Newcomer awards last year.

Now let us enter into the hearts of this music loving duo to hear their stories.

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[NEWS] Davichi Takes SNSD off Record-Breaking 8 Weeks Win on Mnet

10 03 2009


Female duo group Davichi had taken So Nyeo Shi Dae off their record-breaking 8 consecutive win on Mnet (www.mnet.com) for the 2nd week of March.

Davichi’s new hit song ‘8282′ is the new #1, taking So Nyeo Shi Dae’s ‘Gee’ off the position on Mnet. ‘8282′ has rosen up 50 ranks in 1 week, making its way up to the #1 position in just 2 weeks.

Meanwhile, So Nyeo Shi Dae ‘Gee’ was at #2 position at the 2nd week of March with their download rank at the #12 position. So Nyeo Shi Dae member So Hyun and singer Joo Hyun Mi’s trot hit ‘JJa Ra Ja Jja’ was also at #19 position.

The artistes at the top 10 positions are groups KARA, FT Island and SS501, occupying the lower ranks in the top 10 positions while solo singers WheeSung and Hwayobi are at #3 and 5.



Credits: Sookyeong


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